How do I get the HTML title of a loaded page? (PyQt4) 21.05.2016

You can access the title for the current loaded page in a QWebView through the .title() property, as follows: webview.title() You need to wait til the load has finished for this value to to be correct. You can do this by attaching to the signal. A neat trick is ... More

Can I use to pack an app that requires PyQt5? 19.05.2016

Can I require PyQt5 via In a word yes, as long as you restrict your support to PyQt5 and Python3. The requirements specified in are typically provided by requesting packages from the Python Package Index (PyPi). Until recently these packages were source only, meaning that an ... More

How to know the enabled features of a matplotlib installation? 29.04.2016

The optional dependency output you see when installing matplotlib is generated by a set of environment-testers defined in There is a list of these, in the order they are displayed, in mpl_packages = [ 'Building Matplotlib', setupext.Matplotlib(), setupext.Python(), setupext.Platform(), 'Required dependencies and extensions', setupext.Numpy ... More

Why are numpy calculations not affected by the global interpreter lock? 07.04.2016

Many numpy calculations are unaffected by the GIL, but not all. While in code that does not require the Python interpreter (e.g. C libraries) it is possible to specifically release the GIL - allowing other code that depends on the interpreter to continue running. In the Numpy C codebase the ... More

How to create a HTML-dialog window in Python with Internet Explorer control? 01.04.2016

You can embed a Internet Explorer window within a Python GUI application by using the wxWidgets WebView component (via wxPython). Unlike e.g. Qt that includes a standardised browser component across all platforms, wxWidgets uses the native browser on the host platform by default. You can also force IE (ignoring ... More

Why do Ipython cells stop executing? 06.01.2016

The asterisk next to a cell [*] indicates that the cell is currently executing. While IPython provides each notebook with it’s own kernel, there is only one kernel per notebook. When that kernel is busy executing code (either a cell, or a series of cells) it cannot accept or run ... More

Fail during installation of Pillow (Python module) in Linux 06.01.2016

There is a bug reported for Pillow here, which indicates that libjpeg and zlib are now required as of Pillow 3.0.0. The installation instructions for Pillow on Linux give advice of how to install these packages. Note that not all of the following packages may be missing on ... More

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